Puppy Resources:

For the last year, my husband and I have been seriously looking into getting a puppy. In preparation, we've been doing a bit of research. I'm compiling it all into a list here for anyone who is interested. If you'd like to add anything, feel free to leave me a comment over here.


Dog books that I like and recommend:

Highly recommended books that I haven't read yet:


General Information Sources

Pet Stores

Specific Breeds

Pet Adoption Sites

Supplies and Costs

Supplies for our new buddy: Approximate cost:
One time purchases for any dog:  
Crate (for house training and to give your buddy his own space) $100
Collar and Lead $20
Food and Water Bowls (this price for anti-tip stainless steel) $20
Brush and/or Comb (depends on your dog's coat) $15
Nail Clippers $15
Dog Tags (California License plus generic id tag) $30
Recurring expenses for any aged dog:  
Dog Food (estimate for one big bag of good quality, dry puppy food) $30
Dog Poop Bags $10
Doggie Shampoo $15
Tooth Brush and Paste $12
Toys and Treats $50
For puppies and house training:  
Odor Neutralizer $15
Wire Baby Gate $50
Anti-chew Spray (to protect your stuff from your buddy and your buddy from your stuff) $8
Total: $390

*note: all prices are listed in US dollars and are estimates based on prices from various internet pet shops.*

Other costs to consider: